Spark Systems Building

Meeting the needs of a child, a family, a farmer, or a community takes more than a single policy or a single program. A "system" is the combination of different programs and services, policies and funding streams, that collectively respond to a need. Sometimes a system is small - e.g., a school and health care center - and sometimes a system is large and complex - e.g. the early childhood system, with health, human services, child care, and education partners among many others.

Spark Policy helps communities and state partners build and enhance their systems, focused on effective, efficient ways to achieve shared goals that meaningfully improve the lives of those they seek to serve. Systems-building includes addressing the political and funding context, the quality and availability of programs and services, the infrastructure that supports the services, and the connections between all of these. Systems-building takes leadership and vision, and effective partnerships across national, state and local levels in order to be successful. It also takes the nitty gritty hard work associated with such things as aligning regulations and funding and developing practical referral protocols and evidence-based practices.

Spark Policy's systems change services include:
  • Designing and implementing comprehensive systems change projects
  • Public policy and fiscal regulation analysis
  • Consensus processes with diverse stakeholders
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Research on implementation and the factors that improve it
  • Family, youth, and consumer leadership training
Are you interested in any of the Spark Systems Building services? Contact Spark Policy Institute: 303-455-1740, ext. 113,